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5 definitions by Rev. Link

Horrible feeling in your gut when you eat bad food and know you will soon have to poop or fart, probably a lot. Not a good thing to have.
I ate fast food then went to Wal-Mart and walked around for a few hours. Now I have the crinkle!
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008
The Crinkle you get from McDonalds, usually from ordering a sundae. You won't have time to go to Wal-Mart.
I went to McDonalds and I ordered too much. I got the grimace hardcore!
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008
When you make someone laugh so hard they throw up.
"We got that guy to splode by telling him we saw a fart!"
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008
While taking a drink, someone says something funny that catches you off guard and you spit your drink out.
After being pounded by bass from the car stereo, I announced, "We are now legally retarded!" and my friend sprumped all over the dashboard.
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008
Guy's Exposed Rear Flank.

When you see a guy's naked ass. Usually in a movie.
"Man, we can't see any boobs, all we get is gerf!"
by Rev. Link March 14, 2008