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aka, 'the blackhole'. One who possesses the power to lose literally anything within seconds of touching it. Do not lend a Nia anything of value if you ever want to see it again, especially keys. A Nia is a happy creature with an orange glow and sometimes appears to have been rolling around in mud. A Nia may attempt to cook pasta in plastic colanders and other dangerous things of his nature.
"damn, ive only gone and Nia-ed my keys"
"ah! shes gone and got all Nia on my ass!"
by Reugem May 06, 2008
known to many as a menacing drugs fiend, a steph will do anything to get their paws on their filthy drugs. A steph will munch down any concoction of drugs given to them but would literally kill a small child for one toke of a spliff. Stephs can sometimes get desperate and are known to smoke any garden herb, or even scrat through dirty carpet for a hit.
Side affects of being a steph may include: loss of vocabulary, bags under the eyes, boobs decreasing in size overnight, lacking motivation in the bedroom and even falling over wigs.
"you gonna have a quiet one in or you doing a steph tonight?'

"man that guy just stephed out"
by Reugem May 06, 2008

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