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any bowel movement where 50 wipes are required
"Gavin had to use an entire roll of toilet paper after doing a 50 wiper"

"Fred's ass was red raw after that 50 wiper"
by reuben teuge February 24, 2010
the phenomenon whereby the anus possesses it's own brain and makes it's own decisions.

brain + anal = brainal
You are walking home and the urge to shit hits you, the brain in your head tells your anus to tighten and you continue walking. You are doing very well until close to home when all of a sudden you're scrambling for your keys and fumbling to open the door, running to the toilet whilst undoing your pants and just making it in time (or sometimes not making it).

This situation occurs because the brain in your anus overrides the brain in your head. Despite your best efforts to clinch and tighten, your brainal can sense when a toilet is near and immediately starts to open the brown gates.

"the ass always knows"
by reuben teuge February 24, 2010
when a man is able penetrate a woman's anus before any other penetration has been achieved.

strainal = straight to anal
"in order to maintain their virginity catholic girls are encouraged to go strainal"
by reuben teuge February 24, 2010
A sex move derived from the shocker/barracuda:

Instead of two in the pink, one in the stink, you put two fingers in the anus (pinky and ring finger) and one in the vagina (index finger).

Named after the carp because it is a bottom-dweller.

"Betty was satisfied with the barracuda but feels more 'full' after the carp"

"To everyone's enjoyment free carps were being handed out"

by Reuben Teuge March 30, 2009

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