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What Mr. Crockett says we will call Tacos, if we
force beaners to learn English before illegally
migrating to the United States.

I ordered one crunchy mexican sandwich from Taco
Bell, and one soft mexican sandwich. I mean Mexican
Sandwich Bell.
If I were going to move to France I would learn
French first. Why can't Mexicans do the same here?! It
cost the government budles to educate these people and
to translate court documents during trials etc. I'm
not saying they don't have a right to be here, just go
through the propper channels. When force everyone to
accept YOUR way of life in a country that isn't yours
it's wrong and it's taking advantage of the people who
have lived here all their lives.
by ReturnOFCrystalPepsi March 03, 2005
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