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While eating Sunflower seeds or similar, you drop your mouth as though you just had a stroke and spit the seeds out the side of your mouth at civilians inauspiciously
"God Damn it Jon"
"You just Jean Cretiened me and you know it!"
by Retributor June 04, 2009
The holder of the worlds worst xbox player.
He took the title in the famous HCSAD on Wetworks game of 2009 in which he stole the title from the previous holder Bowsy Wowsy when he went 0-0-7

After taking the title, he said

"Id like to thank infinity ward, and of course, my inbred parents, without whom, i wouldnt have webbed fingers, and I would be able to play better"
"If only Oh Scuba Moose was here...

We could all pad out K/Ds"
by Retributor June 04, 2009

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