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emphorviate: a word substituted for a word that the writer is unable at the time to think of or appropriate for a definitive meaning. Common suffixes apply. Pronounced as "m4v8".

The word EMPHORVIATE was invented by me several years ago and used many times without question except for one time when used in an essay at school. When I questioned my teacher why it could not be accepted she stated that the word was not in common dictionaries and fixed in such dictionaries by their authorities. When we discussed the fact that society gives this authority and I am a member of society my teacher accepted the word by upgrading the mark she had previously had given on my essay.

Example of usage: I am sure that this above definition will be emphorviating to some readers.
I am sure that the above definition will be emphorviating to some readers.

The waves knocked our boat so much that we were all emphorviated.
by Retired Bob January 08, 2011
estriculation is a noun meaning a limitation in word usage due to a lack of or restriction of education.
My estriculations hinder my desire to write short stories which I find very emphorviating (see definition in Urban Dictionary).
by Retired Bob February 09, 2011

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