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A very unique vocalist and an AMAZING lyricist as well as the front man for Canadian band Billy Talent. True fans can obviously spell his name...the person who wrote the other Ben Kowalewicz entry is probaply some dumb ass prep kid who spent a whole week trying to learn his name 'cause he is "SOOO HAWT LYKE OMG!!1!!!1!!!11!1" he's 31 girls, he's not interested. Ben is an awesome person, who fights for animal rights and is just a nice person in general who couldn't care less about what you think of him (if it's negative). Ever since Billy Talent really broke through with MTV they've doubled their fan base, which they deserve, but unfortunately now they've taken a turn towards the dark side.

All these preppy girls will undoubtedly ruin Billy Talent.

But Ben is awesome. One of a kind.
My friend: Look there's Ben!

Me: Sweet but who are all those people around him?

My friend: A bunch of preppy girls (who all look the same by the way) oggling him, I bet they don't even know the titles of the songs Billy Talent just played

Me: Dammit, Billy Talent's image is being tarnished, Ben Kowalewicz, Ian, Jon and Aaron deserve better than that...oh well off to go listen to Stutterfly
by Retaliation-Vocals October 02, 2006

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