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A linguistic derivation of Buddhism by the 43rd president of the United States. Philosophy that excessive desire to speak properly will cause suffering that leads to an endless cycle of reincarnation. Excessive conveyance of clear meaning is believed to cause the speaker and listener to focus on the suffering in the world and the desire to change it. As a result, the practioner of Bushism must try to avoid falling into the trap of "making sense," so as to envelop conversants in mystic contemplation of what was really said.
"I am responisible for all my mistakes. And so are you."

"Education is my top priority. However, education is not my top priotrity."

"I believe a military of high morale is conducive to keeping the peace when we find a senior who has to choose between food and medicine-that's not our vision of America."

"The fact that he relies on facts -- says things that are not factual -- are going to undermine his campaign."
by Republicignoramican October 29, 2004

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