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A shortened term for "the generous drunk". You know the one i mean. Out of your selection of mildy faithful friends, he/she is the one that often earns more money than others but isnt a dick about it, and hence when you go out drinking with them, they offer to buy you many things such as a flaming sambuca, a taxi ride or a nasty tasting kebab.
(Tristan pays 10 euros for the taxi)
Taxi Driver: "I still need 60 cent"
Steve: I've got a spare...
Tristan interjects: NOO, I'VE GOT IT!!
Tristan: "Are you getting a kebab??"
Elliott: "Hmm no, i don't think i...
Tristan interjects threateningly: " I'LL BUY YOU A KEBAB!!"
Elliott (fearful of death): o.k....

Tristan is therefore the Generunk.
#generous drunk #drunk #generous #pay for #kebab #taxi #drink
by ReppinDetmold June 03, 2010
When a person drops a coin and a rhythmic circular movement ensues, causing the coin to breakdance so fast, that it can only be stopped by standing on it.
(man drops coin):

Man 1 : ohhh man look at that coin go!

Man 2 : yeah fam, that coin is breakdancing!

Man 1 : Yeah, that is one sick Breakdancing Coin
#break dancing coin #dancing coin #coin dance #coin drop #break-dancing coin #break dance coin #coin spin #spinning coin
by ReppinDetmold July 11, 2009
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