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Gangs whos ancestors came from the continent of Eastern Asia (Also includes South East Asians).

Asian gangs are best known for ther ability to be either really secretive and patient, or their ability to go overboard with violence, but then turn their life around once they are in early adulthood (mid 20s)
Westminster of Orange County, California used to be infested with Oriental Asian gangs of Vietnamese descendent.

Home invasions, and shoot outs were common people were scared to walk eat out at night, but now 20 years later, Westminster became one of the safest, and fastest growing communities of Orange County.
by Reppen4 December 29, 2009
Usually refers to a South Eastern Asian gang member
(primarily Vietnamese) who has a hair style is of closely shaven sides and back, and the top head is spiked up or spiked slanted backwards.

Clothing stlyes are usually varies between black wifebeaters and black jeans, or black flanneled colored shirt and black jeans.
Through the late 1980s and early 1990s, SpikeHeads and
SlickBacks were commonly reported on the news for killing or attacking either racists or their own.

(mainly mexicans and whites back then)

Both of these asian style members are also notorious for homeinvasions that died way down in the 2000s, but still goes on to this day.
by Reppen4 January 01, 2010

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