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Pretty much the craziest shit out there, kinda unknown but gaining popularity which is probably why you're looking at this. Like DMT. Different league than acid or shrooms, more intense. Legal in most places but headshops might not sell to under 18.

How to trip
1) chewing never done this so I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert

2) smoking
In general a higher "x" value indicates higher potency, meaning a longer and more intense trip, stick to known brands cuz they're more reliable. You may want to start with a lower strength like 20 or 25 but that's up to how brave your feeling. If you buy extract its very fine and you will need a screen for your bong. Yes you need a bong, even if you have the strongest smokers lungs, you will need a bong to help with the harsh smoke.
pack one hit at a time (about the same size as a skittle or a little more). Someone else should hold the bong. You will need a lighter with a long flame. DO NOT BREATHE OUT. Hold i in for at least 30 but try for as long as possible
Trippy visuals n sounds altered perception and insight
Last bit
#1 if it doesn't work the first time, wait a while and try again, many (maybe even a majority, don't feel very much the first time around)
#2 pick your company carefully, people you're comfortable with
#3 this stuff is actually good for you! Look it up 0 adverse side effects and plenty of legit medical uses.
Stoner #1 : dude wanna hit this salvia?
Party guy: naw maybe later its not a party drug
Other guy: no I don't want to put unatural things in my body I like to stay pure and at one with my inner self.
Stoner #2: fuck you suburban motherfucker not everybody has the bling to shop at fresh fields everyday and mexican priests been usin this shit for centuries.
Stoner #1: so u down?
Stoner #2: ye dawg fuck this other guy to he would just ruin the trip
Stoner #1: ite cuz
Stoner #2: let's do this!
Other guy: you're going to hell for this!
stoner #1: I'm aboutta be there ill get you a postcard
by RepDCyouknowme October 13, 2010
Where yuppies go every morning. also where white people who studied liberal arts in college go every day because they like to congregate and talk about how the job market is terrible when in reality they aren't qualified for any job because writing and analyzing poetry is not a job skill. You can expect to see tons of white college kids there as well complaining how college tuition has gone up, when their parents pay for it and their only expenses are DUI tickets and 5$ of starbucks every day for 4 years...do the math.
Suburban white kid: I'm making a starbucks run who wants to go?
Others: me me me!
They drive away
Black dude: why don't they study? Aren't they afraid their gonna get kicked out?
Hispanic: naw they pay full tuition so as long as they don't shoot anyone they're fine.
Inner city white kid: don't they realize they spend thousands of dollars on bad coffee every year?
Immigrant kid: my parents risked a lot to get here, I party, but ill loose my scholarship if I don't work.
Chinese kid: well maybe they don't need to do work all they take are minimum requirements and liberal arts courses, what do they plan on doing when they graduate?
by RepDCyouknowme October 14, 2010

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