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3 definitions by Rendel

A Venezuelan term used to describe a stunning, hot and good-looking woman.
Quítate tú que llegó la caballota, la perra, la diva, la potra!!
by Rendel October 19, 2009
10 1
An individual belonging to a new “intellectual” movement characterized by wearing his hair in tangled dreadlocks, smoking joints, dressing up like a character from “The Passion Of The Christ” and carrying out activist acts that lead nowhere.
The other day I went on a protest march with Armiche in support of vegetarian pride. What a f*cking hippiento, huh?
by Rendel October 08, 2011
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To lift weights in order to imitate the mero mero style with well defined muscles.
He went to the gym in order to meromerarse.
by Rendel January 04, 2010
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