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I Am Ghost (IAG) is one of the fucking best hardcore/goth/screamo bands in the world. At Bamboozle Left 2009, they were the only band requested by the crowd for an encore. They were THAT amazing.

They have lyrics that will chill you to the bone.
"Her eyes still glow like heaven. Broken, unsound, cut her wings off"

Band Members:

Steven Juliano
Timoteo Rosales III
Ron Ficarro
Justin McCarthy
Chad Kulengosky

This band isn't sappy emo kid music.
All of their lyrics are fucking amazing.
"Hey did you see I Am Ghost at Bamboozle Left 2009?"

"Dude YES. Steve was dancing like a maniac on stage and I was screaming the loudest for an encore!"

by RenaeIsGhost April 11, 2009

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