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WWE a.k.a World Wrestling Entertainment a.k.a John Cena overcoming the odds.
The WWF was real entertainment. But the WWE is slowly becoming an abomination.
#wwe #wwf #john cena #overcoming #odds #wrestling
by Rememberme August 04, 2007
Verb- To overcome the odds

A.K.A- Superman
Too much of anything is bad. We've had too much John Cena.
#john #cena #superman #no #more
by Rememberme August 04, 2007
A canine with the ability to out-chase any ball, out-charm any human, out-warm any foot and that brings to mind the phrase, "I am a dog. I can't have a conversation and I can't buy anything from you because I have no pockets..."
We need a Feetsco around here.

You know what the answer to your problems is? Feetsco.

I need a Feetsco.
#man's best friend #loving #loyal #tail-wagger #loveable
by RememberMe October 20, 2012
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