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A nightmare produced by the ingestion of a large amount of cheese just before you go to bed.
I shouldn't of ate all that aged cheddar before i went to bed, i had the harshest cheesemare last night.
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
A term used to describe any form of smegma or other foul crusty substance produced by the human body. Usually found in crevasses or folds of skin due to the fact of bad hygiene.
Hey man...you got some scak on the corner of your mouth.
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
An anus releasing gas/air.
Beware 'o' the whistling starfish!
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
When you burp and little or allot of spew comes up with it.
I hate it when i spurp after eating spam.
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
A person who is being frit, an idiot or a chooch....
Dude you are being such a fritzter!
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
When a human female releases air/gas from
her cunt and her butt simultaneously thus
producing a bunt.
Awww baby....remember that time when you discovered that you could bunt on command?
by Remedy X April 24, 2005
The female version of a bonch, the area between a females cunt and her asshole.
She likes it when i stroke her cunch.
by Remedy X April 24, 2005

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