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1. Highly addictive;
2. Brought about insomnia
amongst teenagers in South Africa;
3. The no. 1 cause of osteoporosis
of the thumb(due to the heavy strains applied from too much texting);
4. Yet another communication platform for all the pervs & peadophiles out there;
5. The main reason why many of us failed our
freakin' maths/english/bio/accounting/physics tests!
Boy1: "Dude, I'm so f*cked!! I didn't get to study for my physics test today, I'm so screwed! Aaaargh!!"
Boy2: "Me neitha dude...I only logged off at...like...4am! Oh, no!! I'm gonna fail so badly again!!" (*runs away screaming like a little b*tch*)
Nerd: (*In an evil nerdy laugh)*"Mwuahahahahaha! Another 100% for me today guys! Well, what can I say? Thank goodness I still got me that Nokia 3310 so I can't download mxit. Revenge of the nerds!! Wooooohooooo! We takin' over!"

Bad_Boy 63: "Hey luvy!"
SexyAngel_101: "Hey schnoekems :)"
Bad_Boy 63: "I just wna tel u how much I rly luv & care 4 u my baby, ur my 1 & only. I luv u alot alot mwah"
*Afta 10-15 minutes*
SexyAngel_101:"Sry bby,...got dc(disconnected). Wat did u say?!"

You've been invited to chat with Uncle_ButNaked666
Timmy: "Hey, wu the heck r ya?"
Uncle_ButNaked666: "Hello! I'm lookin' 4 innocent, short, stumpy boys wu wna chat wit me :) come over to my house & I'll buy u some ice-cream too. Yuuuuuuuuum! I'll be ur best friend 4ever! "
Timmy: "Oh no :0 !!!!!!"

Johnny: "Mommy, mommy look! I can't move my thumbs! They're stuck! See!!" *tries to move his hard thumbs*
Johnny's Mum: "Here here now, let me have a look at 'em" *feels the stiff thumbs* "Oh dear, you're right! We've gotta get you to a hospiatl...NOW!"
...1 hour later...
Doctor: "Okay Johhny, the tests came back positive. Looks like you've got a severe case of MTSS."
Johnny & his mom: MTSS??
Doctor: "Ah yes...Mxit Thumb Stiffness Syndrome. Caused by too many hours spent texing on Mxit."
*Johhny starts to cry like the baby he is*
Johnny's Mum: "Ow now, here here my baby. Don't you cry. Mommy's here for you"
Johhny :"Aw, thanx mama!"
*tries to give his mum a hi-5 but cannot move his thumbs*
Johnny:"I...can't...move! I'm trapped! Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!"
by Relo_391 April 04, 2008

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