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1 definition by RejectionCentral101

The sweetest guy you will EVER meet! nicks are amazing at most anything they try. Although he might not have the best voice or musical talents, Nicks are athletic as hell and almost always are sexxy muscley! Nicks can be assholes at times, but then again, what guys arent? If you ever get a nick, He will always treat you with the respect you deserve. Positive and Smart. Funny and Nice. Hott and Steammy:) My nick makes the world go round! hes a freaking hott-ass-man with great eyes and the most amazing personality. Hes tall and sexxy with really big hands... Hes always there to pick me up when my clumsy self falls down. Nicks are great kissers but give awkward hugs:/ GET WITH A NICK AND NEVER LET HIM GO.. I love you Nicki:)
Boy: I love you:)
Girl: Babe, You need to be more like nick:)
Boy: Come on babe! you know thats almost impossible:/
by RejectionCentral101 March 05, 2011