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verb. to help someone in a time of need and support them. to give someone cliche advice that would sound like advice received from a fortune cookie. this advice may seem silly but take it seriously, it WILL help
Jose: I don't know what to do

Kat: the heart wants what the heart wants, let it guide you

Jose: hah, nice fortune cookie-ing
by RejectedWeIrDo April 04, 2011
mathesque is an adjective meaning to have very math like qualities, usually a negative thing
Kevin: so how's math homework going?

Kat: very mathesque

Kevin: gross
by RejectedWeIrDo April 03, 2011
you may do some bad things with your slut but you'll never regret them :) sluts are the most loving people out there and once you find one you'll never want to let them go, they're so amazing :) my slut is the best girlfriend I've ever had :) I love you<3
Rach: haha this kinda makes me feel like a slut..

Kev: only if being a slut's a good thing

Rach: haha :) I guess..

Kev: I know a good definition for it if you're a slut :)
by RejectedWeIrDo April 03, 2011

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