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1. An annoying person that is as worthless as a hair on your ass.
2. A person below your level, just a hair on your ass.
Tommy McKnight is an Asshair.
by Rein April 22, 2003
A complete and total bullshit way to end a main event/title match in pro wrestling. The referee is bumped (knocked down) and another official runs out to referee the match. During this time, while the first official is down, the good guy beats the bad guy cleanly, usually winning the title on the line, if there is one. During the celebration, the first referee "wakes up" and reverses the second referee's call, either restarting the match where the bad guy would win in a cheap way or rendering it a no contest.

Called this because early 90's booker Dusty Rhodes invented and used it to death.
The crowd was royally pissed off when the match ended in the Dusty Finish.
by Rein November 03, 2003
Insult used in the direction of those you feel are below you.
Tommy McKnight is a Manyerd.
by Rein April 22, 2003

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