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No-Cal, (Northern California) Fan, for his perceived tendency to throw batteries at opposing players, especially those from So-Cal. Mostly Giant's Baseball Fan.
"Shit, that Battery Chucker just launched a 9 Volt from the Upper Upper Deck of Candlestick Park."

"That Battery Chucker just ran the length of the stadium from the Upper Deck down to 1st Base to call out AJ Pierzynski."
by Reidk April 28, 2004
A violent and offensive 'sport' played by many Euro 'athletes.' Riots, killings, and death are common. Hated by Americans
1) Matt and I want to see some senseless violence and death, so we're going to a soccer match.

2) "I half expect to go home and see a joint in my kid's mouth, and he's 2...better that than a soccer ball on his foot."
by Reidk April 28, 2004

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