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1) The next Windows Vista

2) Windows Phone 7 for computers.

3) Microsoft's next operating system that should run on desktops or tablets. It will have 2 different interfaces. Neither interface will run apps compatible with the other interface, and will ultimately lead into a huge failure.

4) 15+ gigabytes of code for what Linux could have done with 4-5 gigabytes.
p1: Hey, I love Windows 8. It looks just like windows should have been in 2007. And it will run on tablets.

p2: YEAH RIGHT. You know it's just a phone OS for desktop right?

p1: Really? But it will have a new interface and new apps store and everything.

p2: But the new interface won't run your old apps, and the app store will be more bolted down that Apple's app store.
by Reiden September 27, 2011
1) The most OVERRATED AND OVERUSED playstyle / genre of video games that are made. Few of them have any originality. Most of them are used for boring repetitive and often broken war games. Others consist of zombie / horror / or secret agent themes. Though some FPS games are actually good, people tend to eat up the shit-hole fps games.

2) What lazy game developers use to lure in Graphic Nazi gamers to buy the exact same game over and over again in a nicer package.

Also known as FPS.
PC user: I need to go play some Call of Duty.
Nintendo person: Man up and stop playing your shit-hole first person shooters. N64 is where it's at.

Xbox: I love Halo. Good series, and great FPS.
Gamecube: Screw that. All of them are pretty much the exact same. My Metroid Prime Series is completely different between all three.
by Reiden February 19, 2011
A term in Super Smash Bros Melee when a character air-dodges at an angle down to a platform directly after jumping. This is useful to move small ammounts in a quick motion without going to far.
Player 1: What did you just do?

Player 2: Wavedash?

Player 1: that's useless

player 1 gets pwned by player 2's wavedashing techniques

Player 2: You were saying?
by Reiden February 20, 2011
The inflation of a person's ego from obtaining new ringtones!
I don't understand getting a Ring Boner from buying ringtones. I get mine for free.
by Reiden January 23, 2011
1) A company so bad, bloggers and college students write essays about how bad their products are.

2) A company whose software sucks so bad that websites are published to explain why.
P1: What evil empire did you do your report on?

P2: Microsoft!
by Reiden February 20, 2011

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