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A frightening nightmare.
Person A: Did you sleep well last night?
Person B: No, I had a frightmare and woke up drenched in sweat.
by Rei_Uchiha May 12, 2010
Someone who is a fucking retard.
Person A: That guy over there is so annoying.
Person B: What a fretard.
Person A: Yeah, you're right.
by Rei_Uchiha April 14, 2010
When one is caught in one's own clothes while trying to put them on or while taking it off.
Person A: Hey, I was stuck in my dress yesterday when I was taking it off. It was quite scary.
Person B: I believe that you're clothestrophobic from that experience.
by Rei_Uchiha May 10, 2010
People who shows their own views of their favorite sports team and will argue that it's better than another.
Person A: What do you think of the Bears?
Person B: I prefer not to tell people my sport politics.
by Rei_Uchiha April 16, 2010

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