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Similar to a ragequit, though the quit is less motivated by anger and more out of shame (due to committing an embarassing or disgraceful action), usually to avoid the impending flames and ridicule.
After telling a very bad joke in this one channel, I shamequit faster than you could say "ban."
by Rei^2 October 09, 2009
An obsessive-compulsive need to retry a (video) game every time one messes up on it. Usually done when one is attempting to break a personal record, and has committed a mistake that impacts the chances of breaking it.
This is like the 1,000th time I've restarted Tetris Sprint. I've got a serious case of restart syndrome.
by Rei^2 September 23, 2009
Similar to how a gaydar is the ability to detect non-heterosexuality, the trapdar is the ability to detect a trap--that is, a male who can be easily mistaken for a female.
<A> That chick's pretty hot, I should ask her out.
<B> Don't. That "chick" is setting off my trapdar.
by Rei^2 August 14, 2009
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