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The Oxford English equivalent of Blood/Blud, also derived from Shakespeare and other poets who were commonly referred to as the "The Bard".
- "I say Blarde, will you be attending tonights soiree?"
- "Standardly Blarde, Standardly!"
by Reguez July 02, 2009
A fighter - professional or otherwise who, win or lose, lacks the punching power to knock you out.
"Come on Spam Knuckles is that all you've got for me?"
by Reguez June 21, 2016

When an item or moment is so excellent in design or conceit it inspires an erection.
" How does it feel to be Prime Minister?"

- "Erexcellent."

"I say blud, how are you finding your new luxury yacht?"

- "Mmmm erexcellent, thanks."
by Reguez June 21, 2016
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