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Leaving shit with a used bloody tampon floating on top in the toilet and not flushing and concealing by closing the lid in an effort to surprise the next person who needs to use the facilities.
"I was freaked out when I lifted the toilet seat that bitch left me a cherry bomb, she's hella nasty."
by Reginold Bixby July 10, 2008
Any professional drinker who boozes beyond recognition and becomes the drunken beast of a horrific twisted alcohol-induced Brothers' Grimm fairy fable, generally taking on the form of a short, hairy guy who is convinced you are dying to fuck him.
"Fuck this, I am outta here. Drunkelstiltskin is staggering this way and he already puked on my shoes once tonight"
by Reginold Bixby July 10, 2008

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