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a woman who constantly drapes herself over a man.
Lisa is such a man blanket after a few drinks.
by Reggie Hammer February 24, 2005
pants way to tight causing the crack of your ass and your cheaks to create the camel toe effect.
Her butt is so big and forced into those pants it created reverse camel toe.
by Reggie Hammer March 10, 2005
Someone who annoys you by not doing anything, just by being them. AKA the disease of being annoying.
When she walks in the room she gives me the pip.
by Reggie Hammer February 24, 2005
Slang term the alter boy closest to the Pope.
You will piss off mary ann if you refer to her uncle as pope creamer.
by Reggie Hammer June 08, 2005
Fup running wild.
Fup with a mind of it's own.
Fup so large it can be manipulated from afar.
When she leans over the stairwell, you could use a pole to control her fuppet.
#fup #gunt #not annorexic #what happens if you drop the chalupa too much #fud
by reggie hammer June 09, 2006
Throwing a burrito at your coworkers because they changed your wall paper.
"Kurt dropped the chalupa when Nancy Reagan disappeared from his screen saver."
#chalupa #fup #fuppet #taco #burrito
by reggie hammer June 09, 2006
Any elongated item (i.e. a plastic bag or a towelette)an animal eats and then in the process of defication the item hangs half in and half out of the anus.
Puddles ate a washcloth and later we had to help her get the bodagit out of her ass.
by Reggie Hammer June 23, 2005
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