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Two-man rock group formed in ther early Eighties by John Linnel and John Flansburgh. The group created a style of music unlike anything the current no-wave and post-punk New York music scene had ever seen, and thier sytle continutes to inspire aspiring musicians today.
They Might Be Giants, Flood, Lincoln, Then, NO!, Mink Car, Apollo 18

by Reggie! October 16, 2003
n: a female pubic hair that has become stcuk to the eyewear or face of another man or woman following cunnilingus
"Dude, youve got a poonlash"
by Reggie! October 16, 2003
n: the hairy space between the genitals and asshole. Also referred to as the "taint"
"dont make me punch you in the grundle"
by Reggie! October 16, 2003
Noun: derogatory term for a woman's genitalia
"Holy shit kid if theres one thing i love its a nicely-groomed mound"
by Reggie! October 16, 2003

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