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a robot look-a-like with a hard drive that needs defragmentation.
Nice metallic leggings. You look like a retardtron.
by Regenstein January 24, 2008
Save It For Therapy
When someone, "the sharer", gets drunk and shares overly-personal information with an innocent bystander, "the sharee".

Usually the sharer is too much of a dumb ass to notice:
1) They are not nor ever will be besties with the sharee(s)
2) The sharee(s) isn't/aren't drunk enough to handle said information without their heads exploding
3) The sharee is not their therapist, so the sharee is not getting paid enough to react calmly to said information

Any of these conditions could lead the sharee to exclaim SIFT!
Friend 1: I went to a party with that heinous girl from work last night. I simply ran out of excuses.
Friend 2: What happened?
Friend 1: She downed 3 shots of tequila while I was in the pee-room. I came back and she told me about how her dog can find her g spot. She asked me if that was normal.
Friend 2: EWWWWWW
Friend 1: Yeah, it gets worse... I tried to change the subject by asking her what she wants for her birthday
Friend 2: And????
Friend 1: She wanted to graduate from her dog to a donkey. I should have told her to SIFT that sh*t is gross!
by Regenstein August 03, 2009
A lake located on the California/Arizona border, it's full of dirty water, hillbillies, and drunk co-eds. The perfect place to bring your family for a vacation.

You'll all come home with raw sunburns, nasty cases of giardia, and irreplaceable memories! Even the kids!
When we took grandpa to Lake Havashits last summer, he crashed my jet-ski into the London Bridge! We all thought it was so funny, we pooped our pants. Next year, we'll get a houseboat with more than one bathroom!
by Regenstein December 05, 2011

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