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Shit-eater, asshole, dumb-ass, pendejo, fuckoff, go eat shit. It is used in all spanish speaking countries as in insult or replacement of the above similies.
(1)Dude tell your mom to call me tonight. COME MIERDA!

(2)Que coma mierda Bush!
by RefriedBeaner January 13, 2005
United States' Congress.
Colbert(in the Word):Why don't we have a White caucus, it's called Congress.
by RefriedBeaner February 02, 2007
n. 1:A pussy.
2:an unfortunate state resulting from unfavorable outcomes
v. Not a suitable Infinity G35 driver.
1)Dude, I am having a "structranier" today, my I came late to class, my Infinity G53 was scratched at Trader Joes, and I bought a Mac Book.

2) That guy is such a "structranier", hey won't ask that girl out.
by RefriedBeaner November 12, 2006

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