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n. - The physical science and technology of the static and dynamic behavior of negroid people.
Black people can sprint so fast because of their negrolics, which consist of fast-twitch muscle fibres.
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
n. BHSc

Professional person, qualified in performing a negrotomy.

Negrotomists are responsible for maintaining a regular and fluid application of negrolysis.

Negrotomists are referred on for a negrotomy by a negrologist.
"The negrotomist will give you an initial application of 2-5-6 Delta-Hydride Moxytrophaline Helix then proceed with the electrical genotypical administration."

"I qualified from A.U.T. as a negrotomist in 1997"
by Refreshment Boxx April 03, 2010
When you've failed to pull a long stray hair out of your food and later go to lay your fæces, only to have a piece of the turd swinging like a wrecking ball from the hair, out of your anus, threatening to demolish the porcelain walls of your toilet bowl by smearing them in shit.
Goodness gracious, I went to the toilet and part of my turd was hanging like a wrecking ball. It must have been a hair from the indians at the dairy.

These peculiar marks I'm scrubbing off the bowl look like someone has shat a wrecking ball.
by Refreshment Boxx March 19, 2011
A word used to describe a particular style of tracksuit trousers. Although the trouser is not specific in any brands or manufacturers, it details a 100% cotton trouser, often with a fleece like insert.

What distinguishes a maori puff tracksuit from any other tracksuit trouser is the large, thick puffy, up most part of the trouser where the elastic runs and drawstring is contained. The puff generally has a width of about 4 centimetres and has a depth of about 2 centimetres. The puffs length is determined by the size of the garment, and runs full circumference.

The name maori puff can be drawn from them being typically worn by Mãori people and also Tropical persons. Mostly found in a flecked grey or faded green colour.

Can be used as a pronoun or noun, or adjective.
Pronoun:"The offender was definitely wearing a pair of Maori Puffs"

Noun: "The offender was definitely wearing some Maori Puff tracksuit trouser"

Adjective: "Hi, do these pants come in Maori Puff?"
by Refreshment Boxx October 02, 2010
v. - The process of digging through roadside hard collection or inorganics for items. Given that the piles of items are rubbish and are to be discarded, any individual that searches through the rubbish is likely to, when asked, say that he/she is just 'boking froo' (a play on 'poking through').

One can be forgiven for passing a pile of inorganics and sighting an item of interest that is in plain view then taking it. However, there is a step between taking items from the surface of the pile in plane view and boking froo looking for more junk to fill your back yard up with.

One of the big problems with Boking Froo that Councils and Counties are facing is the unnecessary spreading of inorganic rubbish from what was a neat and tidy pile into strewn out fields of litter.
Q) Excuse me sir can I ask what you are doing outside my house?
A) Oh sorry sir, I am just boking froo da hard collection looking for fings.
Q) Go on get out of here. Scram!
by Refreshment Boxx November 02, 2013
Refers to instances where between encounters with a person, you notice that they have put on a considerable amount of weight in circumstances where it is only possible for that person to have eaten a substantial amount of food. The only way to get so large is for that person to have gotten 'on the meal' or 'hitting the meal'.
Wow look at old Alison, she looks like she's been on the meal.

Q) Have you seen Janet recently?
A) No.
Q) Yeah well she's massive. Must have really been on the meal quite a bit.
by Refreshment Boxx November 02, 2013
n. A fart or series of farts (plu. Pilot Farts), that exist in the bowel ahead of a piece of crap (ass-tern) that virtually escort a large clump of faeces through the colon and out of the anus. They are most recognisable when one feels the need to have a dump and a series of pre-farts begin evacuating the ass hole. Scientists believe this is due to the plunger or piston mechanism of the faecal loaf seal that compresses and forces air through the bowels.

A notable feature of the Pilot Fart, is the remarkably nauseating and revoltingly disgusting smell they discharge. This is believed to be as a result of the fart having direct physical contact with the faecal loaf while inside the rectum, which causes micro particles of crap to dislodge and become airborne and suspended in the fart - which is detected once the ejected fart enters the nasal cavity of the 'smeller', lodging itself on the sensory cells and being absorbed into the 'smellers' blood stream.

The name Pilot Fart is believed to have originated due to the manner in which the flatulent air runs ahead of the turd, much like a wide load lorry or an escorting tug boat.
"I think I need to use the bathroom soon. I'm starting to have pilot farts"

"Here I sit, broken hearted
Went to s*** but Pilot farted.
Now's the time, to take my chance,
went to fart but s*** my pants."
by Refreshment Boxx October 22, 2013

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