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a person, usually a yoga enthusiast, who live and breathes the brand lululemon (purveyor of well-made and ludicrously priced sportswear). Might be seen wearing $100 yoga pants and $20 headbands while scrounging for gas money. See lululemon.com.
"Who was that girl in those fabulous yoga clothes?"

"That's Jenny. She wears nothing but lululemon, but she's stone broke. What a lululemming."
by ReedieBop June 25, 2009
a Reed College student or graduate with a high IQ, but sub-par sociability. Evidence of severe Reedtardation may include (a) the inability to stop talking about one's thesis, even during sex; (b) a dearth of non-Reed-affiliated friends; and (c) the bodily funk that develops after a week barricaded in the Student Union, Romer Lounge or Houser FunDome.
"What's the deal with that old bearded guy asleep in the bong loft?"

"That's (name redacted), class of 1994. They say he hasn't left campus since submitting a thesis about step-function discontinuity as it relates to Ovid's Metamorphoses. He's a total Reedtard."
by ReedieBop December 03, 2011

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