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Verb: To act in a sneaky, sly, or conniving manner. Generally, when one 'smeagols' something from another. It's a sneaky form of thievery, generally between friends, and is not used to express anger. It can be used in different ways however, for instance, cutting in front of somebody in line (He smeagolled his way to the front). As long as it's sneaky and lightly dishonest, it's 'smeagolling.'
Derived from the character Smeagol in lord of the rings.
When Jack said he was leaving, he actually went up into my room and smeagolled a movie from me.
When the car beside us slowed, i sped up and smeagolled my way into his spot.
by Reed7777 July 07, 2006
An expression of disbelief, shock, and utter surprise. Often heard after witnessing an incredible feet, or something that is downright amazing. However, it can also be used in the negative, when one encounters bad luck.
When Dad saw the skier land the two flips, he turned to me and said, "Shit a monkey, did you see that?!"
Dad muttered 'shit a monkey' when he saw that the tire had been punctured.
by Reed7777 July 06, 2006

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