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3 definitions by Redpanda2008

Pronounced: luh-ram-bull
When the average college student who uses his or her laptop on his or her bed is chatting online, and the conversation is so funny that they start "literally rolling around my bed laughing".
"you should have seen it, Paul. It was so funny I lrambl'ed"
by Redpanda2008 December 13, 2008
another name for Monday, since often the stress and aggravation of Monday leaves us unprepared to handle another day at the office.
Person 1: Man, I woke up this morning, and I was so tired I thought it was Monday, but it is Tuesday!!

Person 2: That's because it's Second Monday!
by redpanda2008 September 14, 2010
similar to thinking out loud, but using chat or typing instead of speech
"what time is it there? saint louis is 6 hours difference, so 10-6=4... its 4am there?"

"you should have just asked instead of thinking on key"
by redpanda2008 April 30, 2010