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To make a reference or pun about the Undead things From the Legend of Zelda series in an otherwise unrelated conversation often used on Zeldapedia's IRC channel when the user Redeadhunter is involved, mostly because he inspired them.
User: I was out hunting with some Friends and-
Other User: Hunting ReDeads?
User:...Ummm, no. Stop with the Redeadism BS, my interest is not my ****ing life.

This psychotic freak jumped on my back and started chewing on my head like some sort of ReDead or something!!!
#starsism #redead #poe #stalfo #gibdo
by Redeadhunter May 12, 2010
The outrage, rant or of course, tantrum of a fan (or former fan in certain severe cases) of a company, product or media due to the percieved "failures" in endorsement or change in theme or substance.
I had a BAD Fantrum over my favorite show's cancellation.

Did you notice that Mountain Dew is now "MTN" DEW?! FANTRUM!
#fontrum #failure #nerdgasm #tantrum #spazm
by Redeadhunter July 23, 2010
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