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The lingo or slang used to refer to a room, or bedroom who's specific purpose is for video games mainly XBOX 360. It is not uncommon for a garage to be turned into a command center. Layout consists of 2-3 couches, and a few armchairs, a coffee table, multiple ash trays, neon beer signs, rugs, pillows, a refrigirator, game/movie posters and anything else neccessary for long-term gaming. (curtains to block out windows, no clocks, etc.)
When Call of Duty World at War came out, my friends and I gathered in the command center and no-lifed it for a couple of days.
by Redcoat01 May 14, 2009
shortned term of motor-"cycle" with liquor added as a prefix.

A small, low cc scooter, or moped. Used by persons who have obtained excessice DUI's and can't drive a normal road vehical legally. Therefor they retreat to a street legal, and non-liscence required moped, or "liquor-cycle"
"Yep. Jimbo got picked up on a DUI again, he wanted a ride but I told him to take his liquor-cycle"
by Redcoat01 October 17, 2008
Asking for information about a subject, or wanting to know about a situation. Similar to "the scoop"
Person one: I cant believe this is happening to me

Person two: Why whats the Ben and Jerry's?
by Redcoat01 July 01, 2009

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