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A word coined by comedian Tommy Sotomayor describing a ratchet female, typically exhibiting bad behavior in public,mostly criminal and wears hair weave. The identifying characteristic of this weave is that it looks obviously unnatural and fake making the weave look like a hat rather than her real hair.
1)News report-shows mugshots of women with blond wigs on in news report. Viewer says "Them hair hatted houligans were caught shop lifting at Walmart".

2)Store owner to cops-"Three hair hatted houligans had a big fight and tore up my Waffle House!!! Get them outta here,arrest them all!"that

3)Simps standing on corner at liquor store staring lustfully -"Those two hair hatted houligans with all them kids got some big asses, lets go holla at them bitches!"

hair hats hair hatted houligans weave bitch bitches hoes hoe whore whores simp simps nigga niggas
by redbonegal September 15, 2013
verb-expressing amazement or shock at a sudden fortunate or unfortunate happening or circumstance. This tern is frequently heard in the south by men over the age of 60.
1)"Lordy-fuck!!Look at that wreck!!"
2)"Ooooooo, that's a fine ass bitch comin' in here,lordy-fuck!!"
3)"Oh,lordy-fuck,they gonna kill us!!"

4)"Lawdy-fuck, my numbers hit!!"
by Redbonegal November 07, 2010
noun-a cousin you are secretly sleeping with.
1-"You know you my Arkansas cousin" says Tyrone to his female cousin while he tiptoes out the backdoor to avoid being seen.
2-"You my Arkansas cousin, we finna smash anyway".
by redbonegal April 10, 2014
A black female that looks and acts manly. Frequently exhibits bad behavior in public such as fighting, cursing loudly,very rude and criminal activity. Having a criminal record is not unusual. You will typically find them in low wage jobs with very bad attitudes.
1)Simp talking to homey about nigga bitch-"Damn niggabitch slashed my tires again, look at this shit!"

2)Customer at drive through window-"Damned niggabitch! You just threw my fries in the bag and they cold! " Niggabitch them slams window in customers face and ignores them while on the cellphone.

nigga niggas bitch bitches baby moma simp simps hoe hoes
by redbonegal September 15, 2013

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