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1 definition by RedVanguard

Ho Hum... Well this is a really tricky subject as most Existential and continental philosopher's would disagree with each other, and even then they would disagree that they disagree… and I don’t know why!
Nietzsche would say God is no longer important in our moral reasoning (Understand that the “God is Dead” Stuff isn’t a atheist point) Kierkegaard would totally disagree and say that the connection with God is what confines us to a true moral code. From what I understand is that they argue that we cannot be confined by prior groups or assumptions. That freedom and the morality of the choice of freedom we take is paramount. They hold Hegelian’s, Kantian’s and Marxist thinkers as the scourge of the earth but then theirs Sartre who was a bit of a Marxist so I don’t know…. and on a lighter note I would say Nietzsche though not anti-Semitic was a little scary in his moral reasoning, all that stuff to do with charity… even republicans wouldn’t hold that to be true.
Amor Fati... love thy fate
by RedVanguard December 16, 2004