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The Gamefaqs moderators are sons of bitches who have nothing better to do than fuck CJayC,and ban a 7 year old for saying lolipop. They are nerds who have no real life, but think that Gamefaqs is their life. They are corrupt pieces of shit who do not listen to anyone's plees of innocence, and who think that they are top, when they are not.
Moderator1: Hey CJayC, wanna suck my johnny?
CJayC: Why yes, my man ho, I can't wait.
Moderator2: Alert! Alert! Someone is underage by one day!
Moderator1: Quick my gay friends, lets get to the Ban Button to exterminate them.

~ A Gamefaqs Moderator and CjayC
by RedBollu November 03, 2006

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