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1)After cumming into a girls mouth you say, "Oh No!, your drownin in cum, let me throw you my booies to save you!" and then you shove your balls in her mouth.

2)A girl is giving you head and and you proceed to cum in her mouth, she pretents she's drowning and you being mitch and all have to save her by giving her mouth to mouth(only if she swallows)

3)A girl is riding you, but only to the point where the top inch or so of your penis is being inserted.. this continues on for as long as david wants.

4) Something my Boyfriend thinks I would never do.
5) Something that the girl does all the work
6) Most girls would do 2 out of 3
Girl: "Whats the David Hasslehoff?"
Guy: "Let me show you"

Girl: "Okay"
Guy: "Are you choking?"
Girl: (muffled of course) "Yes"
Guy: "Let me save you, Hurry up and swallow"
by Red-Head December 30, 2005

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