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A cute bushy tailed animal that sometimes take over entire planets by hijacking nasa equipment
Squirrel: How are you gentlemen! All your base are belong to us. you are on your want to destruction!
Nasa: We are sorry to inform that we are no longer receiving signals from echo419.
by Red Squirrel January 04, 2004
To procrastinate during a large project, or to half ass a project and let others deal with the mess after. Often seen in programming.
1. Good thing they made this open source, they totally asayred this project. I have a huge cleanup to do.

2. WTF they hard code this for? That's so asayre.
by Red Squirrel September 01, 2008
To eat greasy, or otherwise unhealthy food
1. "I feel like getting dirty tonight, how about we go a double burger from Joe's Fries?"

2: "You're getting TWO double whoppers?? You dirty bastard!"
by Red Squirrel August 14, 2008
The year that war will be the beginning
Son: "I thought war already was the begenning thousands of billions of years ago?"
Dad: "No son, in AD 2102 it will be real war. all your base are belong to us".
by Red Squirrel January 04, 2004
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