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A common term used generally by woman (In there own language) to represent the word 'hour'. The word is designed to confuse the male partner in order to provide the mentally impossible challange of figuring out how the woman is arguing against the undeniable fact that she actually took at least 1 hour to do something in which she said she would only take 1 minute to do, hense the representation
Woman: "I'll just be a minute"

(1 hour later)

Man: "Fuck hun its been at least an hour"
Woman: "Bullshit I only took one minute did you not hear what i said?"
by Red Cheeks Paul May 22, 2009
The rare and abnormal act undertaken when a person who you have never previously had any aquaintance with, sits next to you in a situaiton when all of the other places to sit down are empty, like in a movie theatre or a bus.
Tom: "Hey man how was your movie?"
Craig: Man, it was shit i had to deal with a personal space invader the whole time!
by Red Cheeks Paul May 21, 2009
The aggravating person at any event who continually just nods there head and agrees, during a conversation as if they have any idea what you are talking about, due to a loss of concentration or an unnecassary loud noise (usually music) in the background. It can be tested by insulting them and observing there reaction.
Chris:' hey man did u see Jeff at that party?'
James:'yea but he was just a deaf nodder they whole night'
by Red Cheeks Paul May 22, 2009
A person who suffers from any mental disorder such as down syndrome, who continually bops there fucking head as if they feel that it is 100% necassary for the continuation of there lives.
Frank: Is that kid rocking out?
Bill: nah its a fucking head bopper
by Red Cheeks Paul May 23, 2009

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