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An erection you consciously attempt to achieve in order to be polite and/or appreciative to a woman. Typically in response to an unattractive naked woman, or an inartfully executed handjob, it is an attempt to spare her the insult of a flaccid penis.
The girl in the hot tub was pretty fat, but since she'd taken her top off I tried to work up a courtesy boner, you know, to be chivalrous.
by RecoveringFratboy January 03, 2009
A form of handjob where the woman places her palm on the head of the penis, draping her fingers down over the shaft. The woman typically then lifts her hand while simultaneously bringing her fingers together. This is generally used in "fooling around" situations, or by inexperienced women who don't really get what feels good and what doesn't.
She started giving me a Chinese Finger Trap in the hot tub. I appreciated the effort, but seriously, what was that?
by RecoveringFratboy January 03, 2009
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