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The act of restraining another persons ability to breath dureing sexual intercourse and or sexual situations chokeing and or squeezinf of the neck to prevent oxygen flow to the brain wich can increase the feeling of sexual pleasure for some

VERY DANGEROUS People acutally die from this

Pronounced Ass-fix-ee-ya
I found out later that night why Amy wore that choker she was totaly into asfixia
by Record keeper April 02, 2007
A man who plays charectors who are lacking in moral fiber and charector
not so difrent from him self in real life and gets frequent blow jobs from Sean Penn
jude law - cheating idiot
Alfie -cheating idiot
Talented Mr Ripley - cheating idiot
crockadile tears- murdering idiot and a KAD
Closer- cheating bastard in this one
The Holiday- trying to convince us he is not a peace of shit ( and yet still nailed cameron diez in less then five minuutes ) O yes what a GOOD Guy
by Record keeper April 02, 2007
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