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To hurt someone with words.
Good insult:
Guy1, "Ugly ass, motherfucker."
Guy2, "That's not what your mother said last night." >:)

Bad insult:
Gayguy1, "You poopie!"
Gayguy2, "Well.. o.. oh yeah!?"
by RecnepS August 19, 2003
To basically fuck your own hand while screaming such things as "Yes! Fuck yes! Who is yo pimp masta biyach!" Or "Yes! Play with my motherfucking balls mommy. I want you horny badly"
"Hey guys! I can't get a bitch so I fuck my hand at night.. usually right after I eat dinner" other kids.. "Alright.. that's fucked up dude.."
by RecnepS August 19, 2003

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