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The BEST guitar player to ever and always.. JIMI LIVES ON.. elvis is not the king of Rock JIMI IS..
dude.. no one is better then jimi hendrix
by Rebekah August 21, 2004
Two objects, or persons being drawn to the other based on a variety of physical, emotional and mental connection.
Genesis was attracted to William from the first day she met him. To Genesis, William fit the perfect example of the "perfect man."
by Rebekah August 28, 2003
1. a female who has sex too young with a guy whos only intrest in life is to get some,who end the end leaves her alone with a little baby who she will love unconditionally for the rest of her life
2. having no life again...ever
my dickwad exboyfriend got me pregnant and now im a teenage mother
by rebekah April 22, 2005
A baby produced by two members of marching band. Usually on a bus going to or coming home from a compition.
They were defintely making Band Babies in the back of the bus.
by Rebekah November 30, 2004
n. One who talks excessively, especially about trivial or irrelevant subject matter.

v. To conversate aimlessly about insignificant or pointless banter.
I'm hanging up now, you're duggering.

What in the hell was Greg talking about in the meeting today?

I don't know...he's a dugger.
by Rebekah December 23, 2003
A baby produced by a member of marching band and color guard. See Band Babies
Who do you want to have Cand Babies with?
by Rebekah November 30, 2004
Someone in Color Guard who has no life outside of Color Guard/Marching Band. Can usually be found in the band room when they have any spare time. Also spends so much time with the band that they start to like band guys and produce cand babies.
We ate lunch in the band, room we are such Guard Geeks!
by Rebekah December 19, 2004
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