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Another name for Taco bell.

Eat this and stay backed up for days Or get wet watery runs.

Cation: Hot itchy but.
Hey lets get Taco hell!
by Reanight July 09, 2009
The small Corn pieces that are suck to your poop.
The girl told me she had a corn Nugget in her poo. I said "eww!"
by Reanight July 09, 2009
This a gun dressed up like a tuna sandwich use to kill Lois on Family guy. Stewie use this in season one of Family guy.

" What the devil Are you looking at! It's tuna fish... and nothing more"
Stewie Use a tuna gun last night on family guy. IT was so funny.
by Reanight July 09, 2009
This is a phrase for when you have Tacos one night. Make your own taco and say "Lets Taco it up!" Give the emotion for a good taco dinner.
Taco night was awsome! I'd Taco it up! Dude!
by Reanight July 09, 2009
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