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Shana is a girl who bludges, is loaded with money, deals, is a stoner and is for some reason extremely hot. She has massive breasts and a ghetto booty. Her swag is off the charts and the indie girls and boys look up to her as inspiration. Her love for Tyler, The Creator is beyond the heavens. She alwasys gets played by the finer boys. Her life is miserable when she's at home but when she's hittin clubs and partys she is the party!!!. She can come off scary and intimedating but she is one of the loveliest girls. she may come off as a slut but know that she's just having fun. she is just plain wild. She gives teachers hell and plan to set her school on fire. She has a thousand jobs and still manages to be broke. she is an alcoholic and is quitting smoking.
"damn, i feel sorry for that Shana"
by Realtalk29 September 24, 2011
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