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Neoconservative is a movement in the United States, started by political visionary Irving Kristol, that consists of former socialists who saw the truly parasitic evil that socialism represents. They then became "former liberals mugged by reality". During the cold war, Neocons represented an important ideological bloc against communist aggression from the Soviet Union and genocidal China. Neoconservatives believe in spreading modern enlightened values and democratic ideals across the world, if necessary, by military intervention. They have made some mistakes, like the Iraq war, but they are still an important and decent political movement. Their domestic policies don't have any particular ideological tilt, but they are mainly involved in US foreign policy. Leftist idiots and morons often attack and insult neoconservatives, but that's because socialists and liberals are suicidally anti-social.

Economically, Neoconservatives believe in fair trade and free market economy, so they support NAFTA. Neoconservatives are very powerful, and have a lot of influence in the White House. A lot of political think tanks are Neoconservative. For further details, see the wikipedia article on neoconservative.
Not to be confused with paleoconservatives, who are Nazis in disguise.
A neoconservative believes in free trade and the propagation of modern democracy in backward countries.
by Realpolitik October 06, 2007
A Paleoconservative is basically a polite word for a White Supremacist Neo-Nazi. Paleoconservatives believe in crippling the US economy by shutting down the borders to immigrants, despite the fact that most Americans are descended from immigrants. Paleocons are political inbreds, who believe in undermining American interests by withdrawing troops from the Middle East and appeasing terrorist regimes in the Muslim world. A Paleocon is typically a poorly educated White Christian in the American deep South who believes, as the Nazis did, that the white race is biologically superior to non-white races and that Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews are waging a secret war against whites to rule the world. Paleocons tend to fall for paranoid conspiracy theories like that. Not to be confused with Neoconservatives or Neocons, who are great nation - builders and passionately believe in spreading democracy and freedom, as well as liberal immigration policies.
Paleoconservatives are basicall inbred nativist white-trash in fancy suits.
by Realpolitik October 06, 2007

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