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A Fulltime professional gamer who uses a drip while raiding so he doesn't have to move while killing bosses in naxx. He also has a bucket under his chair for dropping bombs in. He has an evil brother Skrom who he plays snakes and ladders with if a blackout occurs.
"Hey Sazbawt did your rank13 shaman lose to a lvl 59?"
"ahh no i was totally eating nacho's and raiding on another server with my toes....Hey Skrom we should totally have a lan rave and invite the guild"
by Realmy October 08, 2006
When a mage named after a legendary starcraft player namely Nalra makes an application to a WoW guild on a forum and gets a reply from Fyren.
Nalra got given the business
by Realmy October 09, 2006

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