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New Hampshire is on the Upper-Eastern Coast. It is part of New England and is a very agricultural area. The State Flower is lilac, while the State Wild Flower is pink lady's slippers. A largely known poet, Robert Frost, was born and raised here. New Hampshire is also home of Dartmouth University. The New Hampshire State Bird is the Purple Finch. The state's State Fruit is the pumpkin. The natives of New Hampshire are more adapt to cold weather so you may see them in shorts and tank tops when it is only 50 degrees out. Since New Hampshire natives live in a colder climate the majority of the year, their blood is thicker so tempatures seem warmer to them.
Bill: Missy where are you from?
Missy: I'm from New Hampshire. It's so warm here in Texas.
Bill: WEll it would be. To us Natives though, this is normal.
Missy: In New Hampshire, everyone would be at the beach if it was this hot.
*waves hand to create a fan*
by RealityCheckk June 28, 2012

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